Welcome to A1 Trade

Investing becomes more complex and markets become more interconnected with each passing year. Events that, a mere 10 years ago, would have had barely perceptible impact now have global implications for investors.

With governments and central banks seemingly at a loss as to how to kickstart economic growth, it has become increasingly difficult to identify assets and sectors that will appreciate over almost any investment time-horizon.

The once-dependable investment strategies of yesteryear have become obsolete and, in order to earn even modest returns, investors must now assume greater risk and be prepared to adapt strategies more frequently if they are to be rewarded.

Now more than ever, strategies need to be precisely researched and executed and A1 Trade has a highly-respected track record of generating market beating returns regardless of the changing financial market landscape.

Our Services

The A1 Trade Discretionary Portfolio Management Service provides you with agile, responsive, professional portfolio management delivered by a professional portfolio manager.

Why Invest?

This is the single most desirable outcome for any investment; the appreciation of one’s initial outlay and it’s the one we focus most intently on achieving for our clients.

Our Methodology

A key part of being a successful investor is the ability to appreciate the larger picture. A1 Trade’s ability to see things in this way comes from having the kind of perspective that can only be acquired with experience.